6505TV HERCULES® curtain machine. 3/4 H.P.

No. 6505-TV curtain motor combines versatility with the power and drum capacity needed to operate large and heavy draw curtains. This draw curtain machine is equipped with electronic frequency control. The most versatile of the ADC line, these machines provide all of the features of an intermediate draw machine plus user definable variable speed control, acceleration ramps, deceleration ramps, overload protection, low voltage control, emergency stop loops and a host of other features. In addition these machines allow the use of inverter duty 3-phase motors on single phase power sources. Machines are equipped with integral limit switches for deceleration and emergency over-travel, programmable frequency drive units, low-voltage control, and can be operated from any number of remote control stations (except speed adjustment is so equipped). If versatility is a project requirement, the "TV" series of machines are the best option. A Cable Tension Device is included as standard equipment. A magnetic brake, for precise stopping, is available as an option.
Output drums are 8" diameter x 12" long and are grooved for 3/16" wire center cable. Maximum cable travel is 90'. Cable speed is 0 to 72 fpm.

SKU: 6505TV HERCULES® curtain machine. 3/4 H.P.
6505TV HERCULES® curtain machine. 3/4 H.P.

Allows for user defined decelerated pre-set stops for the "Full
Open" and "Full Close" positions. The limit assembly is also
supplied with emergency overtravel limit switches which bypass
the deceleration ramps and shut the machine off immediately.
Toggle switch which removes power to machine’s internal
Provides user definable parameters of operation. Examples are:
run speed, maximum obtainable speed, minimum obtainable
speed, acceleration ramp time and deceleration ramp time.

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Installing a 6505TV drum curtain motor? Click here to watch installation video.

Horsepower: 3/4
Volts: 120/220 (1 phase) or 208/230 (3 phases)
Phase: 1 or 3
Cable speed: 0-72 fpm (variable)
Maximum one way cable travel: 90 feet.
Number of wires for remote control: 4
Control voltage: 24 VAC
Approximate dimensions: 42"L x 30"W x 18"H
Approximate shipping weight: 235 lbs

Automatically helps eliminate cable slack. Also helps retain cable within grooves of drum.

Facilitates hand operation of curtain in case of mechanical or power failure.

Assures positive drive without cable slippage. Aluminum construction
8" diameter x 12" long. Coated wire-center cable must
be used. Drum must be at least 14' from track live end pulley, or
last pulley in system to allow cable to wind properly on drum.

VARIABLE SPEED (0-72 RPM) Speed cannot be adjusted while machine is operating without effecting limit positions.

NOTE: Guard (ME-1) not shown. Required for ETL compliance.

Draw curtain machines and drapery motors cannot be used for lifting, since they are not designed for an overhung type of load.

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We welcome designers, decorators, production companies, window covering and school equipment companies among other suppliers!!
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