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SPECIFINE® 113A Curtain Track

SPECIFINE® Model 113-A curtain track is used for walk-along operation only and does not include end pulleys, floor pulley or other operating hardware. This track is supplied with 1131 carriers spaced on 6" centers.
SPECIFINE 113-A is an aluminum box-shaped curtain track system specifically designed to meet architectural specifications for straight curtain runs. Since it is designed for walk-along operation, the track sections can be spliced together to cover long spans. Classrooms, residences, boardrooms, multi-purpose rooms, cafeterias, churches,hotels, banks, recording and rehearsal studios as well as dance studios are all ideal applications for the Model 113-A Specifine track. This track can be either recessed, surface mounted, or can be suspended from the ceiling. The carriers move effortlessly through the track channel without the carrier block binding against the channel.

SPECIFINE® 113A Curtain Track

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SPECIFINE® 113A Curtain Track Parts:

1100A Curtain Track Channel1100A Curtain Track Channel
16 gauge extruded aluminum, clear anodized finish. Obtainable in unspliced lengths up to 20'. When recess mounting is desired, dovetail design on exterior of channel allows joint compound to seep...
$5.26  $4.21
1131 Single Carrier1131 Single Carrier
Carrier spacing: 6". Block provides "bumper-to-bumper" action, supported from 2 polyethylene wheels. Plated swivel for free, effortless and quiet curtain movement. Carrier width: Approximately 13...
$3.27  $2.62
1132 Master Carrier1132 Master Carrier
Composed of a plated steel body with 4 solid polyethylene wheels. Extension arm provides 8" maximum overlap (4" in front of 4"). Carrier width: Approximately 7-1/2". Weight: 1 - 2-1/4 oz.
$32.72  $26.18
1124A Splicing Clamp1124A Splicing Clamp
Anodized aluminum sleeve for joining track sections assuring proper alignment. Approximately: 8" long x 1-3/8" wide x 1" high. Weight: 1 - 2 oz.
$10.07  $8.06
1109 End Stop1109 End Stop
Prevents carriers from exiting track channel at ends of run. Weight: 2 - 1 oz.
$5.37  $4.30
2163 Projection Bracket2163 Projection Bracket
For use when track is to be mounted to side wall as opposed to overhead. Recommended spacing 2’ on center along length of track. Projects center line of track approximately 3-1/2" from side wall. N...
$5.03  $4.02
1138 Hanging Clamp1138 Hanging Clamp
Two piece + assembly fastener. Plated steel construction, recommended spacing: 4'. Adjustable to any location. Chain or cable suggested for track suspension. Sold in pairs. Weight: 1 pr. - 1 oz.
$2.12  $1.70
1163AV carrier1163AV carrier
Used with No. 1100-A Channel to support light weight projection screens, maps, charts, etc. Steel block with 4 nylon ball-bearing wheels, S-hook, and swivel snap. Carrier width: Approximately 1-...
$33.37  $26.70
1178 Ceiling Clip1178 Ceiling Clip
For fastening track channel to T-bar on acoustical tile ceiling. Off-white color. Recommended spacing: 2 ft. - 6 in. Dimensions: 7/8 in. long (closed) x 3/4 in. wide x 3/16 in. high. Weight: 3 -...
$6.62  $5.30
1167A Curve 90° degree. 2' x 2'1167A Curve 90° degree. 2' x 2'
No. 1100A Channel bent to (curved on a) 12 in. radius. Dimensions: 2' x 2'. 90° curve. Multiple bends and other angles also available at additional cost. Works with 1131 and 1131B single carrie...
$81.32  $65.06
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