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FLEX-I-TRACK®132-C Curtain Track

Same as Model 132 except Model 132-C features the No. 1337-A Nylon Ball-Bearing Single Carriers with non-binding lips.
FLEX-I-TRAC Model 132-C is a light-to-medium duty cyclorama I-beam type track designed for light to medium weight stage and TV studio curtains, hospital cubicle curtains, and for enclosing industrial welding booths. This economically priced track is supplied for "walk-along" operation only with no cord, pulleys or master carriers. The track can be easily curved on-the-job (or at the factory) to virtually any degree on a 2’ minimum radius. For most satisfactory track operation the track should be solidly anchored to the ceiling with the use of ceiling clamps or suspended from a pipe backbone. When ordering, advise whether the track is to be ceiling mounted or suspended.

FLEX-I-TRACK®132-C Curtain Track

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FLEX-I-TRACK®132-C Curtain Track Parts:

1300 Curtain Track Channel1300 Curtain Track Channel
I-Beam type curtain track channel made from 13 gauge extruded aluminum, mill-finish. Obtainable in unspliced lengths up to 20'. Curved on-the-job or at the factory (optional) to a 2’ minimum radius...
$5.77  $4.62
1337A Nylon Ball-Bearing Single Carrier1337A Nylon Ball-Bearing Single Carrier
Carrier spacing: 12". Steel block supported from 2 nylon-tired ball-bearing wheels. Plated swivel for free, effortless curtain movement. Block provides "bumper-to-bumper" action. Carrier width:...
$23.46  $18.77
1302 Overlap Master Carrier1302 Overlap Master Carrier
Walk-along master carrier with overlapping arm. Optional with all 132 Series track. Body constructed of painted steel with nylon-tired ball-bearing wheels. Arm provides 6” of curtain overlap per ...
$104.81  $83.85
1352 Master Carrier1352 Master Carrier
Painted steel body supported from nylon-tired ball-bearing wheels. Carrier width: Approximately 3-3/4". Supplied with Model 132-C. Optional for all other track models. Weight: 1 - 7 oz.
$61.09  $48.87
1308 Hanging Clamp1308 Hanging Clamp
Two piece + assembly fastener. Recommended spacing: 4' with additional units in curves and stack areas. Adjustable to any location. Pipe batten and pipe clamps recommended for suspended curved tra...
$2.61  $2.09
1309 End Stop1309 End Stop
Prevents carriers from moving beyond selected position in track. Weight: 4 - 1 oz.
$5.30  $4.24
1324 Splicing Clamp1324 Splicing Clamp
Two piece + assembly fastener. For both ceiling and suspended installations. Lock plate for joining track sections assuring proper alignment. NOTE: Track can not be curved at splice. Approximatel...
$8.15  $6.52
1423 Ceiling Clamp1423 Ceiling Clamp
Recommended spacing: 5' with additional units added at curves and in stack areas. For use on ceiling-mounted installations. Adjustable to any location. Top plate can be mounted first, with the tra...
$13.59  $10.87
1713 Pipe Clamp1713 Pipe Clamp
For 1” I.D. Schedule 40 pipe Weight: 1 pr. - 5.5 oz. Available in black finish at additional cost (No. 1713BL).
$10.27  $8.22
1714 Pipe Clamp1714 Pipe Clamp
For 1-1/4” I.D. Schedule 40 pipe Weight: 1 pr. - 7 oz. Available in black finish at additional cost (No. 1714BL).
$10.85  $8.68
1715 Pipe Clamp1715 Pipe Clamp
For 1-1/2” I.D. Schedule 40 pipe Weight: 1 pr. - 7 oz. Available in black finish at additional cost (No. 1715BL).
$11.88  $9.50
BT1 Bending ToolBT1 Bending Tool
BT-1 I-beam track bending tool for use with Models 1300, 1400 & 4200 tracks. Approximate dimensions: 48" long x 15" wide x 9" high. Weight: 1 - 19 lbs. 4 oz.
$446.84  $357.47
BT2 Bending ToolBT2 Bending Tool
Economical I-beam track bending tool that can be fixed to floor or workbench. track is formed by moving and curving it around BT-2 Bending Tool. For use with Models 1300 & 1400 only. Approximatel...
$180.08  $144.06
1383UNI Universal Wall Bracket1383UNI Universal Wall Bracket
This is a smaller wall mounting bracket for ADC 132 and 220 track systems. This bracket allows you to wall mount the tracks, either in a bi-part or one-way draw configuration. The brackets are pro...
$49.36  $39.49
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